Mosquito and Tick Pest Control

Mosquitoes and ticks are more than pesty, humming, itch-causing bugs that turn an otherwise fun-loving day in the yard into a miserable event! They carry diseases!

Bugs Beware Pest Control added a high-quality Mosquito & Tick Pest Control program last summer, and it is brought back by popular demand! Folks who tried it for a special event asked to add it as a summer-long service this year!

Bugs Beware Guarantees Their Mosquito & Tick Prevention Programs 

Bugs Beware Pest Control uses the highest quality products that are safe for children, adults and pets as soon as they are dry, which depends upon the humidity in the air, but takes about 15 minutes and may require up to an hour on very humid days.   

BUGS BEWARE knows how to get rid of mosquitoes and ticks, as well as all the bugs that you may find around your home or business. 

Mosquitoes & Ticks
Would you like to be able to enjoy your yard all summer-long without the swarming mosquitoes & the dangerous ticks? Bugs Beware is the bug guy to call! Sign Up Here

Events & One Time Treatments
Are you listing your home for sale? Holding a BBQ or a wedding in your garden or back yard? Would you like to try our Mosquito & Tick Pest Control services?

Safety First!
Bugs Beware uses all products safely or not at all. Our products are safe for children, adults, & pets as soon as they are dry.

Mosquito & Tick Program Pricing & Discounts

Please give us a call at (715) 851-1543 in Shawano and the surrounding area or (920) 241-8220 in the Fox Valley so we may start managing your pest control services and so you may enjoy your outdoors again! Be sure to check out our mosquito & tick program pricing and discounts.

Mosquito & Tick Facts 

The diseases carried by mosquitoes are of the greatest concern to Bugs Beware and we want to help you protect your family and fur babies.

At Bugs Beware, we are proud to offer a number of services to meet the unique needs of our customers. We help you to protect your family and home.We offer inspections including for bed bugs and rodents.

Bugs Beware provides the highest quality service without compromising safety.

No one likes bugs, rodents, or any pests in their home. Structural and landscape pests can pose significant health problems for people and heir property, even causing thousands of dollars in damage, as well as harming the environment. Whether it's just one spider or an infestation of carpenter ants, Bugs Beware can quickly customize your pest control solution.

Professional & Hassle-Free
Our professional technicians take the worry out of pest control by providing professional & hassle-free services for both new & loyal customers, and both residential & commercial owners.
Inspections & Free Quotes
Bugs Beware offers inspections for a variety of pest issues including bed bugs, rodents, and other pesky invaders.
Please call us
to ask about inspections.
Pricing - Fair & Competitive
Our prices are very competitive. We can't always promise to be the lowest price in town, but we can promise you that we don't cut corners to lower our prices; we put you and your family first.

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