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Bugs Beware understands the value of your business reputation. Your customers and employees rely on you to provide a safe, clean and pest-free environment.

Bugs Beware Pest Control provides commercial pest control services in and around Shawano & the Fox Valley.Pests have been around for thousands of years. Today, they continue to create major health and sanitation problems. For owners and managers of commercial properties, the presence of these and other pests are an enormous threat to the future of their business. At best, pest problems cause health code citations and negative publicity. At worst, they can cause structural damage and sickness. Add to this the concerns associated with chemical pesticide usage and it's easy to understand why pest management in commercial environments is serious business. A pest-free environment is no longer a choice for many types of businesses, it's the law! Bugs Beware can help you comply with increasingly stringent Federal, State, and Local health regulations that are getting tougher each year. That's why Bugs Beware is a necessary and vital service.

Bugs Beware offers inspections, pest monitoring, structural damage inspections, pest-proofing, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) consulting services. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to effectively managing pests while minimizing pesticide usage.

Bugs Beware understands that varying industries have different pest control needs and those needs require special consideration in treatment solutions. I will assist you with any of your quality assurance functions. No matter if your business is large or small I will work with you to tailor your pest treatment plan to address your needs.

Bugs Beware offers a wide variety of services and service programs for our commercial pest management clients. Services and service programs vary depending on the needs of each of our clients. Bugs Beware will inspect your facility and make recommendations that will fit your needs and ensure a pest free environment. From restaurants to corporate offices, Bugs Beware provides the highest quality service without compromising safety.

Professional Prompt
Quality Service
We pride ourselves on delivering timely, quick, and effective services for our customers. Residential, commercial, interior, or exterior, bugs, insects, and rodents,
we've got you covered!
Integrated Pest
Management Program
We employ an Integrated Pest Management (referred to as IPM) approach
to effectively manage pests while
minimizing pesticide usage
at your home or business.
Inspections, Damage Assessment
& more
Bugs Beware Pest Control offers inspections, pest monitoring, structural damage inspections, pest-proofing, bed bug inspections, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) consulting services.
Health &
Safety Information
Bugs Beware Pest Control's products are safe for children, adults, and pets as soon as they dry. While the time for the products to dry differs with the weather & humidity, the product typically is dry within 15 minutes after applied. Humidity may vary timing.

Bugs Beware provides the highest quality service without compromising safety.

No one likes bugs, rodents, or any pests in their home. Structural and landscape pests can pose significant health problems for people and heir property, even causing thousands of dollars in damage, as well as harming the environment. Whether it's just one spider or an infestation of carpenter ants, Bugs Beware can quickly customize your pest control solution.

Professional & Hassle-Free
Our professional technicians take the worry out of pest control by providing professional & hassle-free services for both new & loyal customers, and both residential & commercial owners.
Inspections & Free Quotes
Bugs Beware offers inspections for a variety of pest issues including bed bugs, rodents, and other pesky invaders.
Please call us
to ask about inspections.
Pricing - Fair & Competitive
Our prices are very competitive. We can't always promise to be the lowest price in town, but we can promise you that we don't cut corners to lower our prices; we put you and your family first.

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