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Our Mosquito & Tick Pest Control Program protects you all season long! It begins in the Spring, with treatments about every twenty-one (21) days, and runs right up to the Fall. The fee for the entire season is only $395 for the typical 1/2 acre property. If your property is larger, please sign up on-line and estimate the size of your property, or email us by clicking here, or call or text us at (715) 851-1543. 


In the Spring, and in addition to Mosquitoes & Ticks, we usually help rid folks of spiders of all shapes and sizes, and every type of ant from carpenter ants to fire ants.  Sometimes, folks also have us get rid of those pesky Beetles in the spring.

Our Spring protection services are very cost competitive and our services are both effective and guaranteed!  


In the Fall, and in addition to Mosquitoes & Ticks, folks are often invaded by Beetles, and we receive many calls to get rid of Hornets, Wasps, and even Bees.

Our Fall protection services are also every bit as effective. They are also guaranteed.  And you already know that we are more than fair in our pricing.   


BUGS BEWARE also offers a full-season package with a discount. The full-season program includes the spring treatment program, the fall treatment program and the mosquito and tick pest control program to provide protection from early spring to fall, including spiders and beetles. The package is discounted.



Sign up (here is the form) for protection from Spring to Fall and all the Mosquitoes & Ticks in between and receive a $50 discount on the full season.   

Yes! That's true! If you sign up for a full season of protection, from spring to fall, mosquitoes and ticks, as well as spiders and beetles and every other type of bug, we would like to give you a $50 discount.  

One-Time Treatment $100

Are you listing your home for sale?  Holding a BBQ or a wedding in your garden or back yard?  Whatever your plans for outdoor fun, it is the perfect time for a one-time treatment! There is no limit to the number of one-time treatments you may take advantage of, but if you plan to do more than one, you may want to consider Bugs Beware's Mosquito & Tick Pest Control Program for the entire season, Spring to Fall!

Bugs Beware Pest Control LLC is headquartered in Shawano, Wisconsin and serves Shawano County and the Fox Valley.

Bugs Beware specializes in household, commercial & exterior pest control - ground ants, spiders, lady bugs, centipedes, millipedes, box elder bugs, earwigs, roaches, silverfish, ticks, and many other types of invaders. Carpenter Ant Control Stinging Insect Control - Bees, wasps, hornets, and carpenter bees

Bugs Beware regularly provides extermination and pest control services for:

✔ Residential homes
✔ Commercial buildings
✔ Outbuildings
✔ Shrubbery against buildings
✔ Guaranteed results
✔ Prompt & professional
✔ Ants
✔ Beetles
✔ Spiders
✔ Box elder bugs
✔ Wasps
✔ Centipedes
✔ Bees
✔ Earwigs
✔ Mosquitoes
✔ Carpenter ants
✔ Silverfish
✔ and other bugs...

If you have an issue that is not listed here, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We take great pride in providing the highest quality of services and always want to hear from you whenever we may improve our delivery of services or other aspects of the company.

Professional Prompt Quality Service
We pride ourselves on providing timely, quick, and effective services for our customers.
Integrated Pest Management Program
We employ an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach to effectively manage pests while
minimizing pesticide usage.
Structural & Sanitation Inspections & more
Bugs Beware Pest Control offers inspections, pest monitoring, structural damage inspections, pest-proofing, and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) consulting services.
Health & Safety Information
Bugs Beware Pest Control uses products that are safe for children, adults, and pets. While the time for the products to dry differs with the weather & humidity, it is safe for kids and pets just 15 minutes after the spray is complete and the product is dry.

Bugs Beware provides the highest quality service without compromising safety.

No one likes having pests in their home. Structural and landscape pests can pose significant problems to people and their property, even causing thousands of dollars in damage, as well as harming the environment. They can post major health and sanitation problems. Whether it's just one spider or an infestation of carpenter ants, Bugs Beware can customize a pest control solution for you.

Professional & Hassle-Free
Our professional technicians take the worry out of pest control by providing professional & hassle-free services for both new & loyal customers, both residential & commercial owners.
Inspections & Free Quotes
A pest inspection includes a search for evidence of spiders, beetles, ants, wasps, and other bugs that can cause damage to your property structures and pose health hazards.
Pricing - Fair & Competitive
Our prices are very competitive. We can't always promise to be the lowest price in town, but we can promise you that we don't cut corners to lower our prices; we put you and your family first.
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Serving the Fox Valley, Shawano & Surrounding Areas
✔ Professional Prompt Service
✔ Interiors & Exteriors, Commercial & Residential
✔ Full-service Pest Control
✔ Year-round services